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Our demands for the new PM

Throughout this summer people have been stepping up across our region to help others and support their neighbourhood.

As inflation soars unchecked and the impact of austerity continues to hit home more and more people have turned to foodbanks and community projects to help them cope.

As your Labour Police and Crime Commissioner I have used my office to support those local organisations that too many people have to rely on for help, and especially those who help keep young people out of trouble, as part of my plan to fight poverty and fight crime.

But for real change we need a Government that is prepared to back radical solutions to the growing threat of poverty facing the North East and the rest of the UK – from investing in public services to rebuilding the Sure Start model at a time of incredible need.

As part of that, our region has a chance to send a clear message to the next Prime Minister setting our exactly what is needed to change lives in the North – we cannot just let the Tories in the South dictate this to us.

That’s why I’m asking you for your views on what the next PM needs to focus on in the North. If you click here you can fill in a two-minute survey which will be used to select our key priorities that we’ll use to send a message to the Government.

Our North East is at its strongest when it unites together, and I look forward to working with members on making sure their voice is heard at the highest level.

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