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One rule for the Tories - one rule for us

This month we heard the shocking but not surprising news that while the UK was in lockdown the Prime Minister was going to parties.

I want to put that in to context. On the day Boris Johnson accepted an invite for a works party in Downing Street, in May 2020, Northumbria Police were notified of 229 local breaches of the covid restrictions put in place to keep us safe.

Those were cases reported to the police because the majority of us believed in one simple idea - if we all follow the rules we can get through this.

A lot has changed over the last 12 months, with further restrictions and boosters, but throughout we have seen people in the North East do their bit to stop the spread of covid.

However, in Downing Street we saw a different story. The PM appears to have broken the law, the very laws he set in place.

He appears to have attended a party when doing so was illegal, and he should resign.

To put his actions in to some sort of context, on the day Boris Jonson was breaking the law and partying, Northumbria police were made aware of 229 covid related incidents.

Now, those will have been delt with on a cases by case basis, and not all will have needed a fine. But we can’t have a situation where it is one rule for the Prime Minister and one rule for the rest of the country.

We need moral leadership from our Prime Minister, and we are just not seeing it.

Despite that, in Northumbria we are getting on with the job.


Together We Can Reclaim Our Ambition

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