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Feeding Families - the frontline in the fight against poverty

Feeding Families are fighting poverty head on- so I'm running my first (and last) ever Great North Run for them.

Feeding Families are on the frontline of support for families and individuals living in poverty.

They're a a charity based in North East England that offers support, hope and security to those experiencing food poverty.

They work closely with other organisations and agencies to ensure that thousands of families in desperate need have access to Emergency Food Boxes and support packages.

As they put it: "At Feeding Families, we don’t think anyone should go hungry. We believe everyone has the right to be able to feed themselves and their children. Feeding Families offers more than just food, it shows compassion to those in crisis."

With the rising cost of living and a government that simply isn’t acting, the charity find themselves with ever higher demand but slowing donations. Support for them means support to those that need it most.

If you want to donate to their work you can do so here:


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