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Kim McGuinness

Let's make the North East the home of real opportunity

Kim’s story, vision & record

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The North East deserves better

Together we can reclaim our ambition, build on our proud heritage and create a region known as the home of real opportunity.

As North East Mayor I will lead the fight to end child poverty, create good jobs and ensure we lead the UK once again in arts, culture and sport.

Kim McGuinness

In order to enjoy a successful future the North East of England desperately needs a powerful voice speaking and campaigning on behalf of the whole region on the national stage. If Kim were to be selected I am confident she  would be an excellent spokesperson and representative for all the Great North region, as we compete for our fair share of government support.

Sir Brendan Foster CBE


I know what matters most.
And I've delivered.

I grew up in the North East, it's what made me who I am, and as Police Commissioner I lead one of our most important public services. My mission is to tackle social injustice wherever I find it.

Together we can reclaim our ambition

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